SysMedPD partner MIMETAS develops gut-on-a-chip technology

MIMETAS (Leiden, The Netherlands) has developed a model for high-throughput screening of perfused 3D gut tubules in collaboration with Roche. The results of this research are now published in the leading scientific journal Nature Communications.

In the publication, it is demonstrated that this reproducible in vitro system is able to robustly mimic human physiology. Therefore, it is applicable for drug candidate screening to predict drug effects in humans. The technology also enables scientists to study intestinal biology in an unprecedented way.

MIMETAS is a biotechnology company developing human organ-on-a-chip technology and tissue models for testing drugs, chemicals and food components in the OrganoPlate®. Within the SysMedPD project, the OrganoPlate® platform will be used to develop an industrial-quality 3D microfluidic cell culture platform as a model for PD.


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