SysMedPD Lecture Recordings: Cornelius Willacey

SysMedPD Lecture Recordings: Javier Jarazo

Insights: Interviews with SysMedPD Partners



Automated Microfluidic Cell Culture

Watch this webinar by SysMedPD coordinator Ronan Fleming which is part of a free webinar series offered by SysMedPD partner Mimetas.


Take a look at the film clip by the associated project NCER-PD (National Centre for Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s Disease).

Stem Cell Research on Parkinson's disease

At the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine various research groups are working with patient derived stem cells in automated cell cultures to get deeper insights into the mechanisms of Parkinson's disease and screen for potential new drug candidates.

MitoCarte Project

This project mixing biology and computer science is a cooperation of the Scienteens Lab and LSCB with young prospective academics to help put together and develop the MitoCarte, an interactive map depicting the chemical reactions taking place inside mitochondria.