18th conference of the International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB)

From 24 to 28 September, 2018, the International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB) held its 18th conference in Tromsø, Norway. The conference served as a forum to exchange and discuss ideas between experimenters with a keen eye for quantitative aspects, theoreticians with a keen eye for the experimental practice and those in between. The topics ranged from evolutionary development over biotechnology to systems medicine.

The SysMedPD project was represented by German Preciat, PhD student at the Leiden University and external resarcher in the University of Luxembourg.  As part of the session on Systems Medicine he gave a presentation titled "Mechanistic model-driven exometabolomic characterisation of human dopaminergic neuronal metabolism". The talk highlighted the first constraint-based genome-scale, in silico model of human dopaminergic neuronal metabolism (iNESC2DN) being developed in SysMedPD.

Around 60 interested researchers joined the session and actively participated in discussions afterwards.